Monday, October 18, 2010

"Jackass 3D" shocks and entertains - 3D was done right: B+

The boys are back in town!

Just when you think you've outgrown the outlandish antics of the Jackass crew, the third installment makes you realize that, like them, you'll probably never grow up. The movie opens with a surprise introduction from two very famous MTV icons...any guesses? (HINT: It's not Carson Daly or Daria).

In coordinating rainbow colors, the movie opens with the boys doing some pretty crazy stunts in "Time Warp" fashion. Think super-slow bullet time, but with paintball guns and very large fish.

"Jackass" is probably one of the only movie franchises that DOESN'T blow its wad in the trailers. The high-five is just the tip of the iceberg, but still remains my favorite part of the movie. Let's just say that when the Jackass crew asks you to bring in some hot soup on a plastic tray, you don't do it!

Without spoiling the movie too much, I'd like to make a short list of my favorite pranks:

1. The High Five
2. Rocky
3. Stun Gun Jailbreak
4. The Invisible Man
5. The Field Goal

It's not getting a perfect score from me, simply because there was too much human excrement for a normal person to handle. (I couldn't watch the turd volcano or the port-a-potty bungee). But other than that, "Jackass 3D" was pretty damn awesome. I hear that Dickhouse is going to release "Jackass 3.5", which will include all the stunts that didn't make it into the movie. (If you haven't watched "Jackass 2.5" rent it NOW!)

By the way, I was happy to hear from Johnny Knoxville on "The Daily Show" that the movie WAS shot with 3D cameras. So many movies are doing the whole post-production thing and it's completely terrible. So, go ahead and pay the extra dough to get the 3D glasses for this one: it's well worth it!


  1. I had assumed this was some half-arsed remake of the first Jackass....
    Glad to hear that's not the case. Maybe I'll check it out, after all.

  2. I saw the trailer for this the other day. Saw the first two but haven't see this one. Love the "High Five", lol
    Great Site
    Dreaded Dreams
    Petunia Scareum


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