Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chasing The Dragon: A pictorial collection of my favorite Asian films


  1. THE CURSE OF THE GOLDEN FLOWER is one of my favourite Asian films, since it's quite unusual not based solely on epic battle and action and plus the colours in the film were stunning.

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  3. Good choices, my favourite Asian films list would probably be packed full of Kurosawa's and other classics.
    Battle Royale is a brilliant film, I actually reviewed it recently if you're interested...
    I didn't care for Zatoichi much though, it was disappointing, same goes for Oldboy.

    I would recommend some of Boon Jong Ho's work, all great films, and some of John Woo's film in particular Red Cliff. Just a suggestion though...

    Anyway, I like your blog and look forward to following you and reading your work!


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