Monday, August 2, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E07: So, what the hell is Sookie?!

The most notable part of last night's episode was definitely Sookie's coma-induced dreamscape. While in the hospital after being fed on by Bill, Sookie sees a white light and arrives in a world of flowers and beautiful people dancing. There's a pond, filled with someone kind of orgasmic, glowing water. When Sookie is offered a drink, she claims it's the best thing she's ever tasted. A woman named Claudine tries to convince Sookie to stay. She warns her that Bill is going to steal the light inside of her. Once Bill arrives at her bedside, the dancers in white flee to the safety of the pond. There's a mixture of mythology going on here: the pond may be the Fountain of Youth, Claudine may be a daughter of Aphrodite, who knows? It's still very unclear what Sookie is and where she comes from. Jason reveals to Tara and Lafayette that Sookie was born onto the dining room table - maybe a clue to her origin? Apparently, Hadley knows why Sookie is an object of interest to Queen Sophie, but she only reveals this to Eric once she's close to death. Tell us what she said, Eric!

King Russell rescues Pam, as promised. His speech to the Magister is fucking awesome, as he reveals that he is the new authority. After some pokes of silver, the Magister is forced to officiate the "alignment" between Russell and Sophie Anne as the new ruling power of vampires. I have a feeling Nan Flanagan isn't going to be pleased...don't be surprised if she pays a visit to Fangtasia soon. Maybe Nan and Eric will team up to take down the King...?

On the boring side of things, Sam infiltrates the dog fight as a bulky pitbull in order to rescue his brother, Tommy. Jason tries to buy meth from Lafayette to persuade Crystal's imprisoned cousin to give him more information about her.

By the way, I'm 2 for 3 on this season's Death Predictions: *ding dong the Bitch is dead* Yes! Lorena is finally nothing but a pile of blood and guts.

Hopefully, the next episode will reveal more about Sookie's origins and why her blood seemed to protect Bill from the sun. I'm also hoping for Eric to confront King Russell about his true intentions.

Until next week!

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