Monday, July 26, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E06: Worst (meaning best) cliff-hanger of the season!

If this season were a novel in and of itself, this episode would be the climax. Here's what went down, and how I feel about it:

Eric pretends to be ga-ga-gay for King Russell in order to get closer to seeking revenge for his family's murder. The two pay a visit to Queen Sophie, as Eric renounces his loyalty to her and her kingdom. Eric makes it very clear to the King that he has no feelings for Sookie, nor any human, and that his allegiance lies with Mississippi.

Lafayette and Jesus get a little closer, but their evening is ruined by some homophobic Weres. To my surprise, Jesus comes to the rescue, snatching the baseball bat from the clutches of the trashy Were as Lafayette beats the crap out of him. Unfortunately, this is the part when Jesus discovers that Lafayette is selling V, and thus proceeds to demand to be taken home. Poor Lafayette! I really thought he was going to catch a break...

Sam makes a discovery of his own, learning that his mom and younger brother are not only shifters, but are used in local dog-fights to satisfy the gambling needs of Joe-Lee. He asks Andy for any tips to local raids, and he's off to find out why Tommy's been taken from him.

Jason and Jessica's side-stories are quite bland: Jessica glamours a diner at Merlotte's to hook Arlene up with a sweet tip, and then proceeds to feed on her in the bathroom; Jason attempts to bring flowers to Crystal, only to find that she's engaged and is playing stupid. Bor-ing.

Sookie's locked up in the plantation, that is until Tara decides to bash in the head of Franklin as he sleeps (a very bloody death, might I add). Tara rescues Sookie and the two make a run for it. Alcide shows up, and Tara plans to get his car to make the getaway. But once Sookie discovers Bill, bloodied and shredded at the hands of Lorena (commanded by the King to kill Bill), in the shed, the getaway is put on hold. The episode ends with Lorena chomping down on Sookie as she screams bloody murder.

My Death predictions for this season so far: 1 for 3 (Franklin is dead, right?). Lorena & King Russell are next, I hope.

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