Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blogathon: A Life In Movies

Fellow movie blogger CS at Big Thoughts From A Small Mind got an early start on Fandago Grooves' "A Life In Movies" Blogathon! The idea is simple: starting with the year you were born, list your favorite movie for each year through 2011. Although it doesn't officially kick off until May 8th, I'm far too excited to wait! Here's my list!

1988: "Beetlejuice" - This movie single-handedly kicked off my Tim Burton obsession.

1989: "Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade" - I used to watch this on my grandparents' RCA Video Disc Player!

1990: "Goodfellas" - So many incredible performances and such a fun movie to watch.

1991: "The Rocketeer" - A lot of people forget about this one, but it's a classic.

1992: "A League Of Their Own" - I laugh out loud every time I watch this again.

1993: "Jurassic Park" - One of my earliest memories of going to the movie theater...damn, that T-Rex was loud!

1994: "Dumb and Dumber" - Funniest. movie. of. all. time.

1995: "Desperado" - Steve Buscemi's monologue is absolutely priceless.

1996: "Romeo + Juliet" - Baz Luhrman's vivid imagination made this movie unforgettable. I still cry every time!

1997: "The Fifth Element" - One of my favorite sci-fi movies of all time. Luc Besson is such a genius.

1998: "Saving Private Ryan" - Such an insult that this movie lost Best Picture to "Shakespeare In Love."

1999: "The Boondock Saints" - Because you can always use a bit of rope.

2000: "Memento" - Ahh, the world gets a proper introduction to the awesomeness that is Christopher Nolan.

2001: "Donnie Darko" - Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

2002: "Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers" - Epic epicness!

2003: "The Matrix Reloaded" - Damn, I friggin' love the freeway chase.

2004: "I Heart Huckabees" - I really can't say enough for this movie. It had a huge impact on my own personal philosophy.

2005: "The Constant Gardener" - For once, the movie was just as good as the novel. Rachel Weisz was so amazing.

2006: "The Descent" - I'm not much of a horror fan, but this movie was flawless - scary and smart.

2007: "Into The Wild" - The combination of Sean Penn directing and Eddie Vedder composing made this movie so emotional.

2008: "The Dark Knight" - I've probably watched this movie 50+ times.

2009: "District 9" - This movie sucked me right in. I couldn't take my eyes off of it!

2010: "Inception" - You're shocked, I know.

2011 (So far...): "Sucker Punch" - I don't care what anyone thinks, I friggin' loved it!


  1. The Constant Gardner...a damn fine choice. i thought I was the only one in blogosphere who had actually watched it as I have not stumbled onto a review of it anywhere. I watched and reviewd it myself several weeks ago and absolutely loved it. Racheal Weisz is simply amazing and it is definitely her movie. A really great performance from an actres who I previously thought couldn't act...too much Mummy!!

  2. I love many mentioned films: Inception, The Dark Knight, LOTR etc. And I'm glad you've included The Fifth Element! Kudos for adding Sucker Punch (I haven't seen it, and I don't think I'll like it, as there's no Snyder film that I enjoyed) because it's great that you can have your own opinion, no matter what the others say. Awesome post!

  3. wow, coming up with a list like this will drive me insane! I think I might be up for the challenge though...

  4. Nice Heath Ledger ass shot. Definitely a girl's blog! :)

  5. Jurassic Park! Still my favorite movie theater experience ever :)

  6. This is a really good idea, and I love a lot of the selections on your list. Mine will be a bit longer, tho...

  7. Love your selections, thanks for taking part. And its great to finally find the other person who liked Sucker Punch, people think I joking when I say I really liked it.

  8. Great selections! I think I've seen Dark Knight 50+ times myself. Donnie Darko is just plain awesome along with Memento and Inception.

  9. Memento is an amazing film, though I do not think the rest of Nolan's work comes even close to it. District 9 and GoodFellas were brilliant films as well. Great post!

  10. @ Brent: Happy to hear you appreciated THE CONSTANT GARDENER, too! It didn't get too much buzz but it's definitely a wonderful movie. I'm a huge fan of RACHEL WEISZ, she's especially brilliant in CONFIDENCE and THE BROTHERS BLOOM.

    @ Lesya: Thanks for the encouragement!

    @ MRanthrope: I had a hell of a time choosing my favorites, especially for 1998 thru 2001!

    @ The Rapid Reviewer: Shut up, you know you saved that picture to your desktop!

    @ Castor: For sure!

    @ Thaddeus: It's a really fun project! Good luck!

    @ Andy: Cool, thanks! Glad to hear you like SUCKER PUNCH too! Kudos for the cool blogathon!

    @ Melissa: Ahhh-so, we have similar tastes!

    @ Matt: Hmmm, I'd have to kindly disagree with you there. INCEPTION surpasses MEMENTO for me. Indeed, DISTRICT 9 is amazing!

  11. Excellent list! Boondock Saints, Desperado, Memento, Huckabees. I gotta love them. No doubt I'll have a good few of these movies on my list as well. Brilliance!

  12. This is a friggin' brilliant list. Can't agree with you more on some of these choices. Your choice of DUMB & DUMBER has successfully made me inclined to give it a chance. This list also reminds me I really need to finish MEMENTO; I've been very bad and watching it in chunks here and there.

    And yea, I'm completely the same with DARK KNIGHT. Seven times alone in the theater; can't count how many times on DVD/Blu-Ray/television (TNT).

    Gotta question the ROMEO + JULIET moreso than SUCKER PUNCH. All I can think is, whhyyyyyy?

  13. Finally, someone else who understands how awesome The Rocketeer is. Good call on The Constant Gardener, too, I feel like that great little movie never found an audience for some reason despite being absolutely enthralling. Good list!

  14. You've got six of the same films as me so I've got to say you did a nice job. I especially love that you included Into the Wild. It was one of the most moving films I can ever remember seeing.

  15. Everyone forgot The Rocketeer...except for those people that participated in this blog-a-thon. It was quite the popular pick!

    Though you're the only one that gave love to I Heart Huckabees, and I heart you for that. I don't know why it didn't catch on with people - it's insightful and hilarious.


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