Friday, April 22, 2011

Movie Miscellany: 3 Sites Just For You
I mentioned this site on my "Bat Pack" post a couple of days ago (they're the ones who invented the term, I take no credit!). You were probably wondering what the hell my Movie Term of The Month had to do with The Epic Effect. Well, I was searching the web for "The IT Crowd" merch and I came upon their t-shirt store. Not only did they have what I wanted, but their designs are made for true movie lovers. They've got Movie Tees, TV Tees, and even some cool Retro designs. Definitely worth checking out if you want to show off your movie knowledge!
I want to kiss the feet of whoever came up with this brilliant idea. The concept is simple: create a database of the most memorable movie scenes ever. The site enables you to search by such variants as Mood, Director, Actor, Writer, Props, Theme, Setting, and more. The site also allows you to obtain the html code so that you can embed the video on your blog. The best part? You don't have to sign up or provide your email address or anything. Bored at work? Well, here you go.
Get ready to decorate the crap out of your wall space! There are 775 pages of movie posters on this site, all of which are reasonably priced at about $15 per poster (some are about $10, depending on the movie). There's a special section where they feature $1 Posters, wall murals and decals, film cells, and cardboard stand-ups. The site itself is very sleek and easy to navigate. They also sell pretty nice poster frames, lightboxes, wood mounts, and they even offer lamination services for your poster. You do have to register with the site before making your purchase, though.


  1. Great recommendations! sounds like a real hoot. Now I have yet another potential movie-based Internet addiction, lol.

    Thanks for the tips!

  2. Great list of links! I'll have to check them out. And Zoolander makes me ridiculously happy, hilarious picture!

  3. Great post! I found your blog thanks to the April A - Z Blogging Challenge, and I see you and my new pal Matthew know each other! Sweet!


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