Tuesday, April 19, 2011

[f.g.i.] Presents: 10 Badass Vigilantes You Don't Mess With

The inspiration for this post came to me after watching a little-known movie called "Harry Brown." In the movie, Michael Caine stars as a retired widower whose tolerance for the local drug gang is pushed to limit when his only friend is brutally murdered. With nothing left to lose, Harry decides to take justice into his own hands. Although he tries to forget the man he used to be when he served in the Royal Marines, Harry has no problem going after the young gangsters who killed his best friend. "Harry Brown" is an excellent movie, and it begs the question: When the system fails to enact sufficient criminal punishment, does a person have the right to take matters into their own hands? In honor of "Harry Brown," here's a list of my favorite vigilantes in movies:

Harry Callahan
Weapon Of Choice: Smith & Wesson .44 Magnum Model 29

Weapon Of Choice: Gadgets and fists

Paul Kersey
Weapon Of Choice: Guns of all variety

Weapon Of Choice: Daggers and explosives

El Mariachi
Weapon Of Choice: Ruger KP90

The Macmanus Brothers
Weapon Of Choice: Beretta 92FS with Silencer

Bryan Mills
Weapon Of Choice: Two Tone Beretta 92FS

Nick Hume
Weapon Of Choice: Colt M1991A1

Dae-su Oh
Weapon Of Choice: Hammer

Harry Brown
Weapon Of Choice: SIG-Sauer P226R


  1. Great list! The including of Nick Hume is a surprise, but I can't argue.

  2. Epic fucking list. V, El Mariachi, the Macmanus Brothers...people you don't want to mess with for sure. And so many points for including their "weapons of choice".

  3. Indeed, I would not mess with any of those BAMF! I would also add Hanna to the list ahah ;)

  4. Just found your blog and really dig this list.
    I think I might like it around here....

  5. @ themoviesnob: Yeah, I don't think DEATH SENTENCE was a big deal when it came out and I can see why...it's so grim and violent and there's no happy ending. But seeing Kevin Bacon like that was friggin' awesome.

    @ M Hufstader: Thanks so much for mentioning the weapons! I thought it would be both entertaining and educational.

    @ Castor: Me either! Even though she wasn't a vigilante, Hanna was certainly badass for sure. Maybe I'll do a Badass Children list, featuring Hanna and Hit Girl! Hahaha

    @ MRanthrope: Cool, glad to see you here. I've added you to my reading list!

  6. Great Site you have here! Happy i found it!

    also: Amazing list. Nice to see Bryan Mills on it.

  7. Love this list and the fact that you included their toys. And a badass kid list would be awesome. Hit Girl and Hanna rule!

  8. Now that is a perfect list! Well done! Michael Caine is a natural bad ass. Get Carter (the original) set the Michael Caine bad ass standard and it's great to see him pick it up in Harry Brown!


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