Friday, February 4, 2011

[f.g.i.] Presents: My 7 Favorite Movies About Football

With the Super Bowl upon us, I thought it would be appropriate to create a list of my favorite football movies. Truthfully, I'm not planning on watching the Super Bowl, nor do I care very much about football as a sport. But there have been some really great movies that focus on America's favorite sport.

"Jerry Macguire"
Show me the mooooonnaaaay!!!

Samwise Gamgee bulks up on taters so he can play ball.

"Any Given Sunday"
Can you win or lose like a man?

"Remember The Titans"
Based on a true story and very inspiring

"Friday Night Lights"
Billy Bob will not put up with your shit.

"The Longest Yard"
Oh damn! I meant to find a picture of Burt Reynolds

"Little Giants"
Enough said


  1. Necessary Roughness gets my vote....

  2. My favorite football movie is definitely BRIAN'S SONG, although you could argue it's more about cancer than football, or maybe an even cross between the football genre and the cancer genre. Besides the obvious virtues (acting, script, score), I also like that they shot it at the real Bear's facility, with the real players who played for the team at the time.

  3. Nice list! Jerry Maguire is one of those movies you kind of hate to love. I'll put in another vote for Brian's Song, since it's an intense one. Replacements is another one of those movies I definitely hate myself for enjoying (staring stoneface Neo), but it's so damn campy I can't help myself.


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