Sunday, September 5, 2010

Movie Sub-Plots: Created By [f.g.i.] & Company

Been a while since I've been on here. I had a period of self-doubt, like all other writers...but now I'm back, and here are some of my movie sub-plot terms:

Thread count: Everything is connected, each character impacts the life of another character. Flashbacks help to explain these connections.

I came here to dance: The main character learns a valuable life lesson from a lesser character. The lesser character is inferior in some way, which makes the life lesson a surprise to the main character.

The wrong horse: The love interest of the main character (or lesser character) is not the right choice for them. This love interest has the potential to ruin the life of the one who desires them.

Baggage claim: The main character accepts their own flaws, and finds love with another person who is just as weird/quirky/screwed up.

Smoke & mirrors: Reality is questioned; nothing is what it seems. The main character is made aware of truth either at the beginning or the end of the movie.

Native love: The main character travels to a native land, and discovers the beauty of nature. He or she may be considered a traitor or outcast by society.

That's all for now...I will publish more as they come to me.

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