Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Vault: "The Sixth Sense" [Blu-Ray]

When I finished watching this movie for the first (and only) time (until last night), I was sure I was never going to watch it again. After all, what's the point of watching it a second time? Bruce Willis is a ghost, and therefore the plot was ruined forever...right?

Even after 10 whole years, this movie still thrilled me. Yeah yeah, I know "the twist" and I remember Haley Joel Osment's big secret - but I noticed so much more when I watched it for the 2nd time.

When I first watched "The Sixth Sense," I was 12 and therefore incapable of recognizing any sort of clues or hints to the movie's ending. But now at 22, I very quickly picked up on the indicative art direction and writing.

Ever notice the hints of red throughout the entire movie?
- The doorknob to Malcom's basement
- The blanket Cole uses for his fort
- The balloon
- The sweater Cole wears when he's attacked in the dumb-waiter
- The color of Anna's dress/blanket
- The trimming of the box containing the video of Kira being poisoned
- The skirt-suit worn by Kira's step-mom at the funeral
- The helmet of the biker who died in the accident

The color was strategically placed throughout the film, but I still haven't figured out if the color red itself was supposed to symbolize anything.

Oh, and the part when Cole is in his hospital bed and Dr. Crowe comes to tell him a bedtime story. Cole says, "You don't tell many bedtime stories, do you?" Malcolm knows his story is boring Cole, and Cole suggests adding a "twist." Hmmm. At that moment during the film, I was thinking the same thing - 'This is getting sleepy, this little kid is starting to annoy me.' And then what happened?! Ah, "the twist" was born.

I forgot how intense that scene was when Cole and his mom are stuck in traffic because of the accident. Remember? Cole tells his mom that Grandma was moving the bumblebee pendant, and that she saw her dance at her recital. OMG - nothing but tears. I cried so hard.

And on Blu-Ray, it looked even better. It was hard to believe that this movie was made over 10 years ago. Today, it's still brilliant and relevant. Too bad I've sworn off M. Night Shyamalan...after "Signs," he completely lost me. Hopefully, though, that new movie 'Devil' will win me back.


  1. i never noticed the red so much in the movie like that before but suddenly all kind of makes sense doesn't it? :) i'm going to go watch it again..btw kudos Rachel! Great Eye!

  2. Ironically this was the only great thing came from both Shyamalan and Joel Osment.

  3. @ Jaccstev:

    Partially agreed. I quite enjoyed "Secondhand Lions"


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