Monday, August 9, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E08: Everyone gets coupled up for a 'Night on the Sun'

What an episode! Bill breaks up with Sookie for her own safety, and Sookie finds herself back at Gran's old house fending off the were-bitch Debbie. Their fight scene was well-done, and I love that Sookie cut Debbie's face a la Heath Ledger's Joker.

I noticed that a handful of the main characters are getting re-partnered; not necessarily romantically, either. Here's my observations:

- Sookie & Alcide: Both of them went a little crazy and fell in love with the wrong person for them. In another life, Sookie admits she would have chosen someone more like Al, and he returns the compliment. Wouldn't they be a cute couple?

- Bill & Jessica: The newly single vampires who are dealing with new-found loneliness. Lots of tears of blood from both of them this episode.

Moving right along.

We're still unsure of Sookie's origin. Seems like Bill and Eric are the only ones who know anything about her past. I'm also a bit unclear on Crystal's origin, too. I don't think she's a were-bitch. She mentioned to Jason that her dad and fiancee could find her if they caught her "scent," but it doesn't really indicate for sure that she's talking about the scent of wolf.

Eric starts to make his move, inching closer to avenging his family. When Russell leaves the plantation to supervise Debbie's hunt for Sookie in Bon Temps, Eric volunteers to stay behind with Talbot. The sex scene ensues, only resulting in an early finish...Let's just say that Talbert gets chopped up into a Cuban sandwich. Just as Russell sears the face of Bill with his silver spurs, he senses Talbert's death and flies away. Sookie lets Debbie get away, too.

And now this is the part where Sookie and Bill have make-up sex. I have to admit, even after 3 seasons of this show, I still cover my eyes during the sex scenes. But it was pretty sexy that they banged with shotgun shells and broken glass covering the floor.

In other Episode 8 news...

- Tara keeps imagining Franklin making a return for her
- Lafayette's mama pays him a visit to ensure that the demons don't get to him
- Jesus gives Lafayette a break for selling V, and a make-out session ensues
- Tommy tells Hoyt to stay away from Jessica because she's out of his league
- Hadley relays a message to Sookie from Eric, that Bill is not to be trusted

Until next week!!

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