Monday, July 19, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E05 : 'Sookeh is no longer mahn'

Here comes "Trouble". After a couple of ho-hum episodes, the ball is really rolling now.

Eric decides to head over to King Russell's plantation to clear the air about selling V. Unfortunately for him, King Russell knows he's lying. Eric must protect his child (the luscious Pam), and King Russell is sympathetic to his cause. King Russell and Eric both hate the Magistrate, so it looks like Eric's betrayal of his own kind may be forgiven, if King Russell can gain his assistance in usurping Queen Sophie's district.

We also learn a bit more about Mr. Northman's human past, as a horny Viking prince, unwilling to follow in his father's footsteps. That is, until, during a quiet dinner at home, Weres invade the Northman home and slaughter Eric's parents and court. A mysterious hooded figure appears, and tells Eric not to even try to attack him. It's believed that the mysterious man is King Russell...his control over the Weres to do his dirty work is prevalent in current time, not to mention the fact that Eric's father's Viking crown is put on display in King Russell's armory. Will Eric go after King Russell? When his father was dying in his arms, he tells Eric what to do: 'vengeance.'

Franklin and Tara are now bunking together at the plantation, and there is something seriously wrong with Frank. He's bat-shit crazy and morbidly obsessed with Tara. Although she tries to flee, Tara is caught by a Were, the day-time guard for King Russell. Frank freaks out on her, demanding to know why she left him. He's quite disturbed, and is planning to turn Tara into his vampire bride. (If Tara becomes a vamp, will she stop getting herself into trouble?!)

Back in Bon Temps, both Jason and Lafayette have new love interests. The dainty Crystal takes Jason for a romp in the wooded swamp and thus engages in some dirty, hot sex up against a mossy tree (so romantic, right?). She's not human, and Jason can sense it. Although she refuses to tell him her secret, I think she's some kind of Nymph or Fairy. Jesus, the care-taker for Lafayette's bitch of a mother, decides to stop by Merlotte's to take part in some good, old-fashioned voyeurism as Lafayette flips those juicy burgers. It's quite adorable, actually, and I really want Lafayette and Jesus to be together. Also, Hoyt takes another girl to Merlotte's while Jessica helplessly watches them...poor little redhead! Arlene and Terry move in together, and Terry's speech to Sam about falling in love will make you cry.

In the end, Bill winds up visiting Sookie as she stays with Alcide - he hears from the Were guard at the plantation that Sookie is banging Al. Sookie runs into his arms, as he tells her to get out of Jackson. He won't tell her why or what she's running from, but he makes it very clear that he will not be going with her. Their touching reunion is short-lived, much to my dismay.

The show is setting up for some gnarly shit...I predict that before the season is over, there will be 3 more deaths: Lorena, Franklin, & King Russell. The aforementioned names are merely predictions, but I would love to see all 3 of them dead. Deader than dead. Dead as a doornail.

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