Thursday, July 15, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E04: Franklin & Lorena have got to go

This week's episode was nothing short of awesome. Although, it was pretty hard to top Bill & Lorena's "Exorcist"-esque sex scene.

Sookie is beginning to become as annoying as ever, but thank goodness that her new Were escort, Alcide, is making up for it. He's pretty rad, but apparently still bent out of shape over his white trash turned wolf-banger girlfriend, Debbie. Aww, the big bad wolf can't handle a break-up :(

Tara has gotten herself into trouble again (it's really starting to get old) when she falls under the spell of Franklin, Clive Owen's retarded half-brother. His intentions aren't really clear, except that he must find Bill. Frank is a creepy vampire, not at all glamorous or sexy like his fellow blood-suckers, which is actually quite refreshing - it reminded me that vampires aren't always going to look like Eric Northman (why God? WHY?!)

I am really hoping that King Russell keeps up his end of the bargain and gives Bill the go-ahead to rip that bitch Lorena in half. I am so sick of her shit...Bill hates you, you stupid tramp! Just because you're way prettier (and sexier) than little Miss Stackhouse you think you can just swoop in on Bill?!

Sorry Sam, but I'm getting sick of you too. Maybe if you shifted into something cooler than an English Shepard, you might be a contender for the resident hottie of Bon Temps.

And yet ANOTHER fake sex scene between Eric and Sookie. Every time these two get into it, it turns out to be a dream. I must admit, when Sookie took off her clothes, I was surprised by her hot body...but it's just not working with the huge honker and tooth gap (sorry, Anna).

The episode ended, as usual, on a rather exciting note and now I'm stuck waiting another few days before the next episode. Watching this show as it airs is complete torture! I watched the first 2 seasons after they had aired, and I am convinced that I understand the troubles of meth addicts. Now, i have to be patient, just like everyone else.

Until next week, hooka!

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