Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[f.g.i.] Presents: 25 Heartbreaking Scenes That Get Me Every Time

There are certain movie scenes that are forever burned into your brain. Sometimes, it's a really cool car chase or an epic battle sequence. Sometimes, it's a really violent death or a hilarious one-liner. I'd like to take a moment to share with you the saddest, most heartbreaking moments that have been permanently been etched into my memory. I get choked up just thinking about these moments. I suggest you locate that box of tissues. **SPOILERS AHEAD**

Movie: "Million Dollar Baby"
Scene: Frankie tells Maggie that mo cuishle means 'my darling, my blood,' just before he gives her the shot of adrenaline and removes her breathing tube.
Movie: "Edward Scissorhands"
Scene: Kim asks Edward to hold her, and he answers "I can't."

Movie: "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon"
Scene: As Li Mu Bai lays dying from Jade Fox's poisonous darts, he tells Yu Shu Lien "I would rather be a ghost drifting by your side as a condemned soul than enter heaven without you..."

Movie: "La Vie En Rose"
Scene: When Edith is informed of the airplane crash and learns that her lover, Marcel, is dead - she cries in agony, shouting his name.
Movie: "Saving Private Ryan"
Scene: Jewish solider Stan Mellish is stabbed in the heart by a German soldier after an intense one-on-one fight.

Movie: "Brokeback Mountain"
Scene: The final scene, where we see Ennis embracing Jack's flannel shirt.

Movie: "Boys Don't Cry"
Scene: Llana's two male friends discover that Brandon is really a female. Brandon is raped and murdered.

Movie: "Up"
Scene: As Ellie is dying in the hospital, she hands Carl her adventure scrapbook.

Movie: "Requiem For A Dream"
Scene: Seeing all 4 characters as they are lying down, thinking of what their lives could have been, with that epic music playing in the background.

Movie: "Revolutionary Road"
Scene: After April decides to give herself an abortion, she stands in the living room as blood covers her skirt and drips to the floor. April dies at the hospital, and Frank sits in the lobby in disbelief.
Movie: "Gran Torino"
Scene: After the local gang shoots up Thao's house, his sister, Sue, walks through the door bloodied and bruised. Thao, his mother, and his grandmother, all cry and scream in pain as Sue sits down with a blank stare.

Movie: "The Last Samurai"
Scene: Katsumoto's son, Nobutada, is wounded but he decides to stay and sacrifice himself so that his father can escape. Katsumoto tries very hard not to cry as he picks his son up. Nobutada bravely charges at the armed soldiers only to be shot several times.

Movie: "American History X"
Scene: Danny is murdered in the school bathroom. We see Derek running in slow motion through the doors of the school and when he sees his little brother dead, he weeps in agony.
Movie: "Mystic River"
Scene: When his daugher's body is discovered, Jimmy tries to fight his way through to line of police as he repeatedly shouts, "Is that my daughter in there?!"

Movie: "Titanic"
Scene: Rose tries desperately to hold on to Jack's lifeless body, but she finally lets him go and he sinks into the Atlantic.

Movie: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"
Scene: Realizing that he's making a huge mistak, Joel begs Dr. Mierzwiak, "Please let me keep this memory, just this one!"

Movie: "Moulin Rouge"
Scene: As Satine lays dying in Christian's arms, she says "Tell our story, Christian...I'll always be with you."
Movie: "The Patriot"
Scene: When Benjamin is leaving the Gullah camp, his youngest daughter, Susan, who has never spoken a word to him throughout the movie, runs after him and begs him not to leave.

Movie: "Avatar"
Scene: When Home Tree is destroyed, the Na'vi cry in horror as they look back at the destruction.

Movie: "The Lion King"
Scene: After Mufasa falls to his death, Simba desperately tugs at his ears in an effort to wake him.

Movie: "The Neverending Story"
Scene: Atreyu's horse, Artax, gets stuck in quicksand and slowly sinks to his death as Atreyu pulls on his reigns.

Movie: "The Sixth Sense"
Scene: When Cole tells his mom that Grandma secretly watched her dance at her recital.
Movie: "Atonement"
Scene: We see the body of Cecilia floating in a flooded subway station, and Robbie dies after getting separated from his platoon.

Movie: "My Girl"
Scene: At Thomas J.'s funeral, Vada approaches the open casket and says, "Where are his glasses? He can't see without his glasses!"

Movie: "The Green Mile"
Scene: Watching John Coffey being executed, as all of the guards start to cry.

What famous movie scenes get you choked up? Please feel free to share in the comments!


  1. This is a great list. I especially feel emotions at the conclusion of Brokeback Mountain and during Eternal Sunshine. Oh, and the end of the Green Mile, I wept!

    I like your blog. If you are interested, check out mine at


    Andy Buckle

  2. Thr final line of The Bridges of Madison County where Streep's character says in her letter to her son and daughter..'Go well my children' as they are scattering her ashes. Great movie and actually full of heartbreaking moments that make the eyes get a wee bit moist!!.
    Great idea for a post!!

  3. Brokeback, Edward Scissorhands and Moulin Rouge definitely up there...

  4. Brokeback Mountain, Requiem For A Dream, American History X...brilliant and brilliant. Way to make a depressing as hell post! But excellent list. Hotel Rwanda is one of the only movies that made me cry. And Bruce Willis' sacrifice in Armageddon, but I try not to admit to that one.

  5. "jerry maguire, you are the ambassador of my quan man..." goddamn it...

  6. American History X for sure, one of the saddest endings ever.

    Also Lord of the Rings. Especially for Boromir' death speech.

  7. Nice list. All of them are great cinematic moments! That scene in the Green Mile gets me every time.

  8. Great choices. The American History X scene still sticks with me. Believe it or not, first time I watched that movie was in a classroom. My history teacher was a badass.

    Also, your musings are always wonderful, so I'm awarding you the "Versatile Blogger Award." Come pick it up @ my blog!

  9. All these scene get me too. I also love What's Eating Gilbert Grape when they burn the house down rather than let their momma be a joke in front of the whole town. Awesome post.

  10. Ugh, just thinking about some of these scenes kills me. Brokeback Mountain and Requiem for a Dream especially.

  11. @ Everyone: Thanks so much for the feedback! Sometimes it's hard to think of good idea for a list, but it seems like you guys really enjoyed this. Thank you all!


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