Wednesday, February 9, 2011

[f.g.i.] Presents: Reel-y Awesome Dancers

I've started a campaign against seeing "Black Swan" before the Oscars. With all the hype surrounding the movie's erotic tale of schizophrenia, and along with Natalie Portman's unusually high volume of new releases, I have the feeling that "Black Swan" may not be so deserving of its praise.

To kick off my boycott, here's a brief list of my favorite dance scenes. Enjoy!

1. The Walk-Off ("Zoolander")
2. The Twist ("Pulp Fiction")
3. The Tango of Roxanne ("Moulin Rouge")
4. Disco War ("Starsky and Hutch")
5. Preston Talent Show ("Napoleon Dynamite")
6. Nightclub scene ("The Hot Chick")
7. Banana Boat dance ("Beetlejuice")
8. The Mamushka ("The Addams Family")
9. Farley Strips ("Beverly Hills Ninja")
10. Kate Winslet's Irish Dance ("Titanic")
11. Toot-Sweets Dance ("Chitty Chitty Bang Bang")
12. We're Men ("Robin Hood: Men in Tights")
13. The Dice Thing ("Knocked Up)"
14. Alien Baby Dance ("Spaceballs")
15. Tequila Dance ("Pee-Wee's Big Adventure")

Happy dancing, you fools!


  1. Dude, epic list. The Pulp Fiction dance is definitely a classic, and would probably be my number one, though I have to say, Zoolander was on the other day, and the walk off is way too hilarious. The Tango from Moulin Rouge is just plain epic. And I love that you mentioned the Spaceballs dance, that movie kills me every time. The only other thing I can think of is another John Travolta moment via Saturday Night Fever. His strut at the end is just plain awesome. John Travolta FTW.

  2. Awesome list,
    Pulp Fiction's dance scene is great.
    Glad you mentioned The Addams' Family, that dance scene is so hilariously over the top it makes e laugh every time.

    I hated Robin Hood Men in Tights though, I usually find Mel Brook's films amusing but that one was just horrible...

    Yeah and Black Swan, I didn't care for it much at all so I can't say you're missing much. It's not one of the best of the year IMO...

  3. Love the list and stoked to see "Addam's Family" get some love. Such a great moment. I'd have to add Tom Cruise going nuts to Ludacris. Lost my mind when that kicked off.

  4. Great list of some epic dances. My favorite dance on the list has got to be the Spaceballs alien dance, even though it's definitely not my favorite film on the list.

    I'm curious, have you seen Black Swan? You said you had a "feeling" it may not be deserving of its praise. Seems a little harsh to trash so heavily on a movie you haven't seen.

    Anyway, love the site (and your rating system). I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. @ M. Hufstader: Thank you for the praise.

    @ Jack: Sorry to hear you didn't like that movie. It's definitely ridiculous, yes. Thanks for sharing your opinion on "Black Swan."

    @ Brian: Yes, the Mamushka is certainly badass. I didn't want to point out the obvious Les Grossman number, which is why I surprised you with it at the end!

    @ Sammy V: Thank you so much for the props. I have not yet seen "Black Swan," and I am certainly guilty of judging it harshly. I will definitely give it a whirl once it's available for rental/Netflix. I just don't feel like paying $12 for the experience, which my gut tells me will be under-whelming.


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