Tuesday, December 7, 2010

[f.g.i.] Presents: True Disney Princesses in Film

Ok, so I have finally recovered from my 12-hour day at Disneyland. I don't know how I had enough energy to get through it, let alone when I was 6. I was determined to write about it when I got home, until I realized that I write about movies - not amusement parks. But a light bulb went off in my head, and I realized that Disney's string of princesses has inspired a flock of female characters in recent years...

Pocahontas/Neytiri ("Avatar")
Passionate about their natural world, both of these heroines fiercly protect their land. But a lone visitor changes both of their lives, as they wrestle with the complications of falling in love with an outsider.

Cinderella/Vivian Ward ("Pretty Woman")
These poor girls are doing some heavy lifting and some dirty favors just to earn some respect. Until, of course, the appearance of the fairy godmother and the rich guy with the credit card. Both women respresent the rags-to-riches mythology and we love them for perservering.

Mulan/Jordan O'Neill ("G.I. Jane")
These lovely ladies set out to break the mold and become badass soldiers. Obviously, I think that Demi Moors proves to be more successful - but nonetheless, a similar desire to prove all the boys wrong.

Ariel/Penelope ("Penelope")
One's got a fish tail and the other's got a pig snout. Both are encouraged to hide or change their looks, but both girls succeed in finding someone they don't have to change for. Sort of.

Belle/Irene Adler ("Sherlock Holmes")
Intelligence certainly sets both of these women apart from other heroines. Adler manages to stay one step ahead of everyone else, while Belle doesn't let others undermine her smarts or her bravery.

Sleeping Beauty or Aurora/Sandy Olsson ("Grease")
Princess Aurora is drop dead gorgeous, with an impeccable voice to boot. Sounds like the perky Olivia Newton John to me! Although there may not be much substance with these two, they certainly established themselves as women to be emulated for years to come.

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