Monday, November 8, 2010

Sorry Todd, but "Due Date" falls short of becoming the ultimate road trip movie: B

I had some pretty high hopes for this to be the comedic gold nugget of the year. But there's only so much awkwardness I can stand before the movie starts to just feel...uncomfortable.

I seriously love Zach's comedy special at The Purple Onion; I think it showcases his genius. But his humor is being exploited by Todd Phillips and is therefore becoming a little less funny.

The highlights of the movie, for me, included the cameos of Juliette Lewis and Danny McBride, along with Ethan Tremblay's (Galifianakis) signature perm and strut. The persona of Ethan is kooky, to say the least. And Sonny, the masturbating French bulldog, also provides some comic relief.

The not-so-great elements, for me, included Jamie Foxx's strange and unnecessary cameo, as well as a stereotypical scene in which RDJ and Zach smoke some chronic. There were quite a few useless scenes, like when RDJ has to keep an eye on a couple of rowdy kids. But, the real disappointment lies with Jamie Foxx. I know he and RDJ are friends in real life, but come on. The dude's storyline was incomplete, all leading up to a really lame who's-the-daddy-joke at the end.

It's worth seeing, it's definitely funny...but it's not comedic gold and I'm tired of Todd Phillips already.

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