Tuesday, November 2, 2010

"Ip Man": Probably the greatest kung-fu movie of our time

I have always been a huge fan of martial arts movies. There's something romantic about Eastern hand-to-hand combat. A few years back, my dad introduced me to Tony Jaa. I had never seen anything like it, and after watching Tony Jaa in "Ong-Bak" and "The Protector," I was convinced that Muay Thai was the new hotness. I mean, the dude broke bones and crushed skulls with his knees and elbows - how can you top that?

Donnie Yen topped it. I'd seen his skills before in such movies as "Seven Swords," "Iron Monkey" and "Hero." I never doubted that he could kick some serious ass, but this movie just blew me away.

This film is based on the life of the real Ip Man, a Wing Chun master and teacher to Bruce Lee. After the Japanese invade China in 1937, the residents of the small town of Foshan are forced into poverty. Ip Man has to work in the coal mines to feed his family. Like any great martial artist, Ip Man refuses to use his skills for anything other than self-defense. That is, until, the General of the Japanese army holds combat tournaments. Any Chinese man who defeats a Jap is rewarded with a bag of rice. After the brutal death of one of his fellow martial arts masters, Ip Man decides to take on the remaining Japs, including the General.

This film is a bit long and sleepy, but it's beautiful. The production value is exceedingly high, almost like it was made by American filmmakers. I really can't say enough about Donnie Yen after seeing this movie...he's a true artist with the speed and elusiveness of a crane. He's a real treasure, and a testament to an art that I hope never dies.

I urge you to watch this movie!!

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  1. It kind of surprise to me knowing you're a huge fan of martial arts movies but that's great :)
    Ip Man is for sure one of the best martial arts films of the decade and I would like to recommend you its enjoyable sequel and another beautiful martial arts film called "Reign of Assassins".


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