Wednesday, September 15, 2010

"True Blood" Season 3 Finale: Farewell, Miss Stackhouse (**SPOILERS AHEAD**)

So, we've finally come to the end. It will be another 9 months before "True Blood" resurfaces, and I'm truly dreading the wait. I'd like to do this in an orderly fashion, so I'll be wrapping things up according to each storyline. Sound good to you?

Well, it turns out that Bill was sent to capture Sookie on behalf of Queen Sophie Anne. In the process, he fell in love with her and decided to keep her to himself. Not a very original storyline, but it works for the show. Eric is the one who spills the beans, after Bill attempts to bury him alive. Sookie is rightfully pissed, like a teenage girl who realizes for the first time that any man claiming to love her only cares about getting into her pants. Turns out, Bill is a real asshole. However, I'm sure he'll be trying to redeem himself next season. The finale ended with Bill going head-to-head against Queen Sophie Anne for her manipulation.

King Russell:
After being badly burned, Russell is held captive at Fangtasia. As Sookie keeps an eye on him, he begins to threaten her life. And her response is tossing all of Talbot's bloody remains into the sink behind the bar. Eric and Bill decide to bury Russell alive, encasing him in cement.

Eric: After Russell goes into the sun, Eric is badly burned but recovers quickly when Sookie offers her blood. Visions of Godric appear to Eric, encouraging him to forgive Russell and move on. He obviously doesn't listen, and chooses to make Russell's eternal life a living hell. It backfires on Eric when Bill decides to throw him into the wet plot of cement next to Russell. Eric manages to get out, and arrives at Sookie's house to reveal Bill's dark intentions. In a moment of tenderness, Eric tells Sookie that he is truly sorry for everything she's been through.

Sam: After his pity party with Tara, Sam reveals to her that he is a shape-shifter. Tara doesn't react positively to this news, and sees herself out. Sam also tries to make up for being such a jerk. He apologizes to both Lafayette and Terry. When he goes to Tommy's house to apologize to him, he's nowhere to be found. Sam gets back to the bar and sees that his safe/money is missing. He grabs his gun and goes out to find Tommy. When he catches up with Tommy, he raises his gun to Tommy's back, and the gun fires. It's unclear if Tommy is merely wounded or dead, but Sam is definitely going to the dogs.

Hoyt and Jessica:
Summer and Mrs. Fortenberry attempt to conduct on intervention on Hoyt's relationship with Jessica. Hoyt dismisses both of them, and proceeds to buy a house for him and Jessica to live in. (One of the sweetest moments of the series so far!) Mrs. Fortenberry decides to go to a gun shop to make a serious purchase. It looks like she may be coming after Jessica next season.

Tara: After finding out that Sam is a supernatural, Tara decides to make a change. She chops off her hair, says good-bye to her mother, and appears to be leaving Bon Temps forever. Good riddance, I got tired of her drama really fast.

Jason: He and Crystal go to her family's property to warn them about the DEA coming into Bon Temps. Crystal's ex-fiancee shows up, wielding a gun, and shoots Crystal's dad in the head. He threatens Jason, and Crystal must make the choice to go with him in order to save Jason's life. Jason's left behind to take care of Crystal's clan.

Lafayette & Jesus: After doing V with Jesus, Lafayette begins to have hallucinations, and not the fun kind. He calls Jesus to Merlotte's for help, and Jesus reveals that he really is a bru (witch/warlock).

And this is how it ends. After fleeing to Nan's grave, Sookie is approached again by Claudine. And this time, she disappears. Did Sookie go to the Fae world? Is she going to come back? If she does come back, what will she be like? Will Claudine teach her to use her powers? There are a lot of theories already, and with 9 more months until Season 4, I'm sure there will be more.

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