Monday, August 23, 2010

"True Blood" S03E09: The fairy tale begins...

Yes, Sookie is a fairy.

So after almost 3 full seasons, we finally learn that Sookie Stackhouse is, in fact, a fairy - and thus, the disappoint sinks in. I really am upset that it's come to this. I mean, I've dedicated some serious hours to this show and its story, and I can't believe that Sookie turned out to be Tinkerbell. Ok, not exactly Tinkerbell, but you know what I'm getting at. Really? That's supposed to explain her telepathy, her flash-of-light thing, and her sex appeal? According to Bill, her blood allows vamps to temporarily walk in the daylight, if only for a few minutes. Her blood is also the most desirable amongst vamps, thus explaining the heated competition between Bill and Eric since the beginning.

Speaking of Eric...thank goodness that he finally hooked up with Sookie! The sexual tension between those two has been driving me mad! Poor Eric knows he's not coming back from his confrontation with Russell, and just wanted to give Sookie a proper good-bye. Bravo, Eric!

Tara and Jason also had a "they-finally-make-out" scene of their own, only to be ruined once Jason fesses up about shooting Eggs. Talk about bad timing!

This episode also revealed a huge chunk of Sam's past. Since the beginning of this season, Sam had been waiting in the wings. After he killed Mary-Ann, he's been out of the picture. But now, with only 2 episodes left, we learn that Sam has some skeletons. Two, in fact. Sam gets conned into falling in love and living the Mickey-and-Mallory lifestyle with his then-girlfriend only to be robbed by her and her real boyfriend. Sam goes for revenge, and in middle of the gunfire, he kills her. I always kind of thought that Sam was a wimp, and that I didn't feel that bad for him in his times of woe. But now I think I look at him differently, with more sympathy for what he's been through.

Crystal turns out to be a...panther? She arrives at Jason's and shifts in front of him. I really hope there's more to this, because Sam's already the resident shifter. I think that Crystal and her family are something more powerful, because Crystal's dad makes a comment about Sam, saying "that shifter kicked my ass." So they must be something else.

Jesus and Lafayette go on a V trip together. They visit some kind of alternate universe, in which they can visit their ancestors. We learn that both of Jesus's grandparents practiced magic, but it was his grandfather who practiced the Black Arts. Jesus says that "he had something planned" for him to take up the family business. They also visit Lafayette's great-great-grandmother and her daughter, Winnie, as they practice voodoo (the good kind). Jesus and Lafayette both have a mystical, magical past. It's an interesting side-story that I'm excited to see more of!

The episode ended with Sookie being taken prisoner by Eric. After their heated make-out, Pam talks some sense into Eric and convinces him that they need to use her. So, being the asshole that he is, Eric swoops Sookie into his arms only to lock her in chains in his dungeon. WTF? Every time I get close to falling in love with Eric Northman, he pulls a stunt like this. I don't think he will ever be good, despite our wishes. He really is a cold-hearted bastard.

The promo for next week's episode is getting me so amped up! Until next week...

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