Monday, August 16, 2010

"True Blood" - S03E09: 'Everything is Broken' but no questions are answered!


So we still don't know what Sookie Stackhouse is. But Bill does, and the episode ended just short of him revealing the information to her. Curses!

The central story line in this episode focused on King Russell and his plot to rid the world of human beings. After the death of Talbot and the discovery of Nan Flanagan's interest in Eric, King Russell decides to send the world a message. That poor TBBC news anchor had his spine ripped out from behind him! (One of the goriest scenes of the show so far). He assures the world that vampires are indeed nothing more than a gang of evil bloodsuckers. He accuses the A.V.L. of selling a lie to the American people: because vamps drink Tru-Blood, they pose no threat and thus they deserve the rights of humans. (*Nan is guilty of this lie, as she watches Russell's broadcast as she's gorging on the blood of an exotic, busty beauty.) So it looks like Russell is serious about his plan, and Nan Flanagan may be going down...

That is, unless, Eric kills him in time. Eric informs Nan of his true intentions and reveals to her the long history he has with Russell. With the official non-acknowledgment of the A.V.L., Nan tells Eric to do it quietly. Eric and Pam have a tender moment in this episode, when Eric tells her that he may not survive his confrontation with Russell, and that she is ready to be a Maker.

Back in Bon Temps, Jason is now protecting Crystal. Not very well, considering that one of her "kin" escapes his ropes and lets loose on of the officers. We still don't know what kind of creatures Crystal and her family are.

Tara decides to get some much-needed therapy. She goes to a battered woman/rape survivor meeting. Doesn't help much, because Franklin is back! Tara decides to do a little reverse-psychology on her ex and beg him to kill her. In the confusion, Franklin lets his guard down as Jason approaches with a shotgun full of wooden bullets. So Franklin dies this time. Definitely dead.

Other stuff that happened:
- Sookie meets Hadley's son, who turns out to be a telepath.
- Jesus and Lafayette are cute as ever.
- Sam beats the crap out of Crystal's dad at Merlotte's.
- Arlene reveals that she doesn't want her baby, because Renee is the father.
- Bill travels to Sookie's dreamscape and meets Claudine.

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